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The Best Wholesale Australian Beef Cuts Available

RTC Foods are one of Australia’s leading wholesale meat suppliers showcasing a wide range of beef cut choices.

Australians tend to choose the classic cuts of steak such as rump, fillet or scotch, but many other cultures utilise other cuts of the cow in their cuisines.

Our diverse business develops and supplies beef products on behalf of key supermarket groups, food service, food manufacturers, retail, restaurant and regional distributors.

Our selection of wholesale beef cuts is second to none, we have the perfect choice for any cuisine or establishment in QLD, NSW and Australia wide.


One of the most adaptable cuts of beef in Australia, topside beef is often found in Chinese Restaurants and is perfect for dishes like Mongolian Beef. It is also used to make beef jerky, adding to its versatility.


The knuckle meat has a few different uses but is very popular with pie manufacturers. Knuckle is ideal for a classic chunky beef pie as the meat tends to hold its shape and form well when diced. It can also be sliced and used Chinese beef dishes.


This is also known as eye fillet steak in Australia and is served in high-end restaurants but also found in butchers and supermarkets across the country. Many people choose this as it is a very lean cut however, it is one of the more expensive choices. 

Cube Roll & Striploin

Cube Rolls and Striploins are generally sliced into steaks. Most people call Cube Rolls a scotch fillet or Ribeye steak and Striploin is commonly known as porterhouse or sirloin. These two cuts are a popular supermarket choice for Australian families. Therefore, you will also find this a prominent wholesale cut for pubs, clubs and steak houses across the country and is one of the biggest items on the domestic market. These cuts are also used for the classic roast beef and are available in most butchers and supermarkets.

Brisket Beef, Navel End & Point End

This cut of beef has had a huge spike in popularity over the last few years from the influence of American BBQ culture in Australia. Pubs are increasingly embracing brisket for their pulled beef in burgers and sliders. Sliced brisket is also found in a range of Asian dishes.

Short Ribs

In a restaurant you would commonly find a full or half rack of pork ribs, however beef ribs have a much larger amount of meat, are obviously bigger in size. You would be served one or two short beef ribs in a beef specialty establishment such as a steakhouse.

Beef Cheek

This cut of meat is becoming increasingly favoured in the Australian restaurant trade. Often slow cooked served with a dark sauce and potato mash, this beef is known to be extremely tender.

Blade & Chuck Beef

Most supermarket grade beef mince and burger patties is derived from chuck beef as it is not ideal for steak cuts. Chuck steak can be found in supermarkets as it is affordable and can be slow cooked in stews and casseroles and is highly consumed in Australia.

Oyster Blade

A more commonly sought after piece of beef, this is a great cut for slicing and is used in Japanese and other Asian style restaurants. Also known as a flat iron steak, Oyster blade  is a trendy and flavoursome product chosen by Australian steakhouses.

Silverside Beef

Frequently referred to as corned beef, this is an affordable cut often found in Australian supermarkets. It is slow cooked and is a popular family meal.

Eye Round & Outside Flat

This is the perfect meat for beef jerky. All the fat is removed so that all that is left is red meat which is then dehydrated. A well-liked snack in the fitness industry, the demand for this cut of beef is always high.


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Global meat exports to Asia, the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North America   Let’s chat

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